Solid Wood Shutters

Solid shutters are a more classic window covering, particularly popular in period properties, cottages and large countryside homes with sash windows and high ceilings. The solid panels are made from premium hardwood, and are available in a wide range of colours and stains.

With solid shutters, you open or close the whole panel, rather than tilting louvres. This is the ideal solution if you want the sun during the day, but wish to completely block out streetlights in the evenings. They also add an extra insulating layer between you and the outside world, helping keep the heat in during winter months.

Efficiently control the light in your home

Solid panels are ideal for bedrooms, blocking out the light effectively when closed, whatever the time of day. If you struggle sleeping because of the light outside your windows, then solid shutters could be the solution you are looking for. During the day, you can open your shutters wide, maximising the light.

Combine your designs with a mix of solid panels and operable louvres

If you would like a more contemporary look, or are looking for a more flexible option, the solid panels can be combined with louvres. This makes them ideal for wardrobe doors, or airing cupboards, letting you ventilate your clothes or towels as desired.



Visual simplicity


Classic look


Premium hardwood panels


Adds an insulating layer

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