Full Height Shutters

We make light work of choosing the best window treatment to match your interiors. The most popular style with our customers, full height window shutters cover the whole window, made to measure just for your home.

Designed to meet your vision

Whether for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, we know you want only the very best for your home. Full height shutters are a great way to dress your windows, matching your sense of style, and letting you control the light in your space. Full height shutters can be designed to meet your vision. We know that you have an idea in your mind, and we are here to help you realise that vision. Available in all six of our materials, with an almost endless number of colour choices, full height shutters reflect your own individual tastes.

Here are some other options to consider:


A mid-rail also allows you to tilt separate sections of the shutter, controlling the light as you desire. For example, you can close the lower section, providing privacy from passers-by, while the top section remains open allowing natural light to flood in.

Integrated room darkening blind

You can include a fitted room darkening blind which sits behind the shutter in its own channel. It can make your bedroom as dark as possible, whatever the time of day, or help block light bleed in home cinemas, children’s rooms or shift workers

Tilt rod option

You can also choose whether to include a tilt rod to open your louvres for a more classic look

Hidden tilt (No Rod)

For a more modern contemporary style, we offer a hidden tilt option, where the mechanism is hidden, so it has a sleek look

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