We offer a wide variety of shutter styles

Our Shutters are available in many different materials. The material choice is down to individual budget and finish that you want to achieve. Our Shutters are made-to-measure. Currently available in 3 hardwoods (our Cuba, Fiji and Sumatra range), 2 MDF (Antigua and Bermuda) and 1 fully waterproof material (Java.) This Choice of materials ensures we have the best product to suit all of your needs.

Our Shutter Ranges:

Antigua / Titan Range

Our most popular shutters – Antigua / Titan range, offers a high-quality shutter installation, made from high density MDF and guaranteed for 5 years and is the best seller in the UK. We find this our most durable and will not twist, warp or fade and is also the toughest material against knocks. It has a Patented Polymer finish which stops it from fading.

Waterproof Java Range

For humid and wet installations, we have developed the waterproof Java range, we offer the Java range. Crafted from ABS, a high-grade plastic with both hard and lightweight qualities. Fully moisture resistant, it is ideal for Bathrooms that have condensation or chance of exposure to water.

Hardwood Shutters

We also have the finest hardwood shutters available. With our range of Cuba, Fiji and Samoa shutters. Our wooden shutters UK offer an additional colour range of stains, and lightweight properties for larger and shaped installations.

Aluminium Shutters

Our Portchester aluminium security shutters offer the ideal balance between peace of mind and elegance. Take a closer look at one of our stylish looking Portchester aluminium security shutters and you will notice an important feature – a lock and key. Not only do our security shutters add an additional layer of protection against intruders, they are also available in most shutter styles including full height, bi-fold and by-pass

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Bay Windows

However many sides your window has, there is a stylish solution just for you. Whether you choose full-height, café style, or tier-on-tier, it can transform your bay window.

Tier on Tier

Tier-on-Tier provides two separate shutter panels that operate independently, providing you with numerous options and ultimate flexibility.

Full Height

These are the most popular style among our customers and a great way to dress up your window. Full height covers the entire window and is custom made for your home.

Solid Wood Shutters

With solid shutters, you open or close the whole panel rather than tilting louvres, and in the winter they add an extra insulating layer, keeping the heat in.

Café Style

Cafe-style only cover the bottom part of the window, making the most of the light while preventing people from peering in. We know you want to enjoy your home’s features, so if you’re looking to show off decorative glass, then café-style is ideal

DIY Shutters

Professionally measured by our surveyor installed by you.

Security Metal Shutters

This shutter range offers security and elegance. With a lock and key, you can still adjust the light, privacy, and ventilation with the louvres. Most shutter styles, including full height, bi-fold, and by-pass, are available. This security solution has been specifically designed for all our other ranges.

Shaped Shutters

Available in our premium hardwood ranges, special shapes are lovingly made for each custom window shape. That means that no matter how quirky the architectural design, there is a shutter just for you.

What our customers say about us

“I just had my shutters installed and they look amazing, the quality of the workmanship installing them was first class, it is refreshing to see that there are still craftsman out there who take pride in their work. Thoroughly recommended”

"Shutters look amazing, couldn't be happier, from advice from initial quote, through to the installation. Very professional service and competitive prices. Cannot fault. Would definitely recommend Woodthorpe Joinery."

"We ordered the shutters at separate times and each time the process was very smooth and I never needed to chase for updates or responses. Ian the installer was fabulous and exceptionally professional in his manner. The standard of fitting is very good and I truly had no issues with this company and would highly recommend them.”

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