Security Metal Shutters

The Portchester aluminium security shutter range offers the ideal balance between peace of mind and elegance. Take a closer look at one of our stylish looking Portchester aluminium security shutters and you will notice an important feature – a lock and key. Not only do our security shutters add an additional layer of protection against intruders, they are also available in most shutter styles including full height, bi-fold and by-pass.

Elegant yet tough:

  • A stylish window treatment that serves the dual purpose of a burglar system and blind/curtain
  • Aesthetically pleasing, without compromising on security
  • Adjustable louvres to control light, privacy and ventilation
  • Every shutter is custom made and tailored to meet client requirements because every window and door is unique.
  • Specifically designed to be a close match to our non-security shutters
  • Easy to mix security shutters and non-security shutters in the same home, whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel
  • Attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standards
  • An investment in security shutters enhances the value of one’s home.

Security with style:

  • Shutter panels lock into place using a key turn for hinged / bi-fold (stacking) and by-pass (sliding) applications
  • Louvres can remain open once the shutter panel is locked. Each louvre is secured on both sides to the internal framework of the shutter
  • 10mm locking rod, comprised of 6mm steel encased in nylon
  • Locking rod engages simultaneously at the top and bottom into aluminium frame work or track system
  • Extremely strong shutter panel assembly, ensuring maximum security & long-term structural integrity of the panels

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